Computer & Technology Programs

Computer Basics

This class provides an introduction to basic vocabulary and terminology related to computers, the Internet, conducting web searches and using email. The class is a good first course in computers designed to provide students with hands-on experience of the personal computer.  It includes typing and mouse tutorials. Students earn Northstar Digital Literacy certificates and digital badges.

Intermediate Computer Class

This class provides a solid foundation for students interested in learning Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  Using a hands-on approach, students will have the opportunity to create and edit documents, flyers, and spreadsheets.  Students also have the opportunity to earn Northstar Digital Literacy certificates and digital badges.  Students should be familiar with the basic features of computers and conducting web searches prior to this class.    Northstar Digital Literacy logo

Learning Lab

Staffed by qualified teachers, our computer lab is open weekly for students who want to use online resources to meet learning goals.  Simply register to enroll!

  • search for jobs
  • write a resume
  • study online to prepare for GED, ParaPro, or other tests
  • practice English reading and listening skills
  • prepare for US Citizenship test
  • advance reading and math skills
  • improve computer skills

To register for a class or to learn more about our programs, please call (401) 847-7171, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or stop by AIALC during business hours.

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